The Teachings of Surtoma
Book 1 & Book 2

     This teaching is about the spiritual relationship between Soul and Surtoma.  He guides Soul out of the human consciousness on its journey to the Learning Centers that are established on the inner realms.
    Once you achieve the Direct Experience of being out-of-body as Soul, (not astral or mental) you will be able to put to rest the age-old concept that man is “only human” with a Soul, and turn it around so that you are aware of being Soul functioning through a human.
     As you explore the human consciousness as Soul, you stretch your known boundaries further and further.  This process allows you to begin breaking away from old mind pictures that can still cause you stress, block your creativity, and keep you feeling trapped.  You can only be the knower of these truths and more by Direct Experience . . . anything less than that is borrowed pictures of someone else’s truth.
     Soul has journeyed countless lifetimes in search of its way back home to its origin.  After numerous opportunities of meeting with saints, teachers, masters, etc., Soul has gone through baptisms, initiations, secret ceremonies, and many other mystical rites.  Each teaching and guide has their own unique place in the spiritual unfoldment of the seeker.
     This teaching is not about Astral projection, channeling, psychic phenomena, or remote viewing, but the actual subtle movement of the inner consciousness---Soul, a gold sphere of consciousness.  The truth you can achieve by learning this process helps you to become spiritually free.  From that new perspective, you then begin to improve your self-confidence, remove the fear of death, and rid yourself of old pictures from the past.  This greatly assists you in becoming cause in your universe rather than the emotional/mental affect.  It also aids you in freeing yourself from a belief system based on recycled outer knowledge. 
     The Teachings of Surtoma presents a teaching whereby the student can develop an out-of-body perspective, and learn to manage their consciousness from that viewpoint.  Soul comes to the physical universe in order to work out karma, unfold spiritually, and develop the necessary tools to lead a fulfilling life.  You will eventually gain the strength to rise above the tests of the human consciousness as Soul, and then you are in a much better position to take control of your life.

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