This is an introduction to The Teachings of Surtoma. 
A must read before Book 1 and Book 2.  

     Have you ever felt that you were just a visitor, and did not belong here?  Do your dreams seem more real than the awake reality?  Does a crisis spur you on to find the real truth behind so many secrets?  Do you long to know the real truth to your Origin or what the many Gods are about?  If you said yes to any of the above...then you owe it to yourself to find out by way of Direct Experience...and have the real truth in your life!
     This book is about Max’s journey to find those truths.  He is a compilation of many students of this teaching.  It is an amazing adventure when he  realizes who and what he truly is.  A crisis in his family fires him up so much that he is determined to find out by Direct Experience where he actually came from. 
     A spontaneous Astral projection experience during some alone time in the nearby woods has him questioning the unknown.   During his quest he discovers kundalini and the chakras, and the true nature of entities.  He eventually meets with Surtoma who assists Max in ridding  himself of the entities.  He soon signs up to become a student of Surtoma and learns how to make contact inwardly  with himself as Soul...a tiny gold sphere of awareness.  Max is then guided into the inner realms where he begins studying at the Learning Centers established there and learning more about his Origin.
     As his journey continues, Max attends workshops with Surtoma and other students where they learn to focus at their spiritual eye center during meditation and travel as Soul to the Learning Centers, and many other inner realm locations to discover the undiluted truth and their “Origin.”
     During the workshops the students question Surtoma and also share their journey with the group.  These are outlined in the book exactly as they occurred.  Max and his wife Nikki have many surprises in store for them.  The rest is for you to discover by reading the book!                                                                                                     
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